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  • Monday 10 – 11 am – Mixed ability Pilates with Stretchy Band
  • Monday 6-7pm – Mixed Ability Pilates with Stretchy Band
  • Tuesday 10-11am – Pilates and Yoga (we will do exercises from both disciplines)
  • Wednesday 10 – 10:45 am – Yoga Stretch
  • Thursday 6-7pm Mixed Ability Pilates with Stretchy Band

The cost of the live streamed Zoom classes and pre-recorded Zoom classes will be £8 per week. The £8 will give you the option to do the class in real time with me or you can do the class at another time that suits you better (or both if you are feeling very energetic!).

‘Live’ Classes

(see below for rules)
  • Wednesday 6-7pm – Mixed Ability Pilates – 7th Oct – 9th Dec – £90 for 10 classes
    St John’s Methodist Church Hall in Amersham
  • Wednesday 7-8pm – Mixed Ability Pilates – 7th Oct – 9th Dec – £90 for 10 classes
    St John’s Methodist Church Hall in Amersham
  • Thursday 10-11am- Mixed Ability Pilates – 1st October – 3rd December – £90 for 10 classes
    St John’s Methodist Church Hall in Amersham
  • Friday 9:30-10:30am – Mixed Ability Pilates – 2nd October – 4th December – £81 for 9 classes
    The White Hill Centre in Chesham (no class on 23rd October due to the hall already being booked for an event)
  • Friday 10:30-11:30am – Yoga Flow – 2nd October – 3rd December – £81 for 9 classes
    The White Hill Centre in Chesham (no class on 23rd October due to the hall already being booked for an event)


Please click on the button below to book your classes.

To be able to attend as many classes as you like for just £8 per week then please select the ‘Weekly Class Pass” option. Once you have purchased the Weekly Class Pass you can book to attend as many classes as you like that week.

Once you have booked your classes you will receive a booking confirmation email. This will contain all the information you will need to join the class on Zoom, including the unique Zoom meeting ID and password, and a link to the class.

If you have any questions, or if there is anything that I can help with, then please feel free to ask me anything. Please contact me on info@hazelhusseypilates.co.uk

Book online

I also have some pre-recorded lessons on my YouTube channel which you are very welcome to do at any time that is convenient for you.

My YouTube Channel:

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The rules for attending classes at venues are as follows:

You must not attend the class unless you have booked online. I must have you up to date contact details, so please make sure these are correct when you book. If they have changed at all then please fill in a new questionnaire.

2. Please do not queue outside of the venue before class. Please wait in your car until you can see it is safe to enter the building and always maintain 2 meters distance from those that have already entered the building.

3. Please wear a face mask until the class is due to start. Wearing masks during exercise is not advised, so please do take your mask off once the class starts. However, when you are entering and exiting the building and using the toilets etc, please have a face covering on.

4. If you are feeling unwell then please do not attend the class. It is better to be safe than sorry, so if you feel at all unwell then please stay home.

5. At St John’s there is a one way system to enter and leave the building to reduce cross-over. Please enter the building via the door to the right side of the building in the car park and please exit via the glass door at the front of the hall. At the White Hill Centre we have our own door which I will keep open so you can see where to come. It is at the far end of the car park.

6. Please make sure you stay 2m apart for the whole class. There will be markers on the floor to show you where to place your mat. Once you are on your mat I’m afraid you need to stay there for the rest of the class (unless you need to use the toilet). 

7. Only one person at time is allowed into the toilet as this area is small. Please just wait outside in the hall until the toilet is free. 

8. I am afraid there will also be no mingling/socialising after class, which is a massive shame as this is one of things that we all love about classes. However, I have had to promise that we will all behave ourselves and not leave our mats and will go from the class to our cars. Obviously you are very welcome to chat to whoever is near you in class but it might not be quite as sociable as it normally is!

9. I am not allowed to make physical adjustments to you but I will be able to correct you using my voice. I will be able to see you more easily in class so it will hopefully be easier for me to do this than it is on Zoom.

10. Everyone must sanitise their hands when entering the building. There is a sanitising station once you enter St John’s that you can use (I will also have extra gel). I will provide the sanitising gel at The White Hill Centre.

11. Everyone must bring their own equipment. The guidelines state that we must not share equipment wherever possible. Please bring your own mat and equipment to class. I will let you know in advance which piece of equipment we will be using that week and I will send some links to equipment for you to purchase if you don’t have any. I will have some spare pieces of equipment with me just incase anyone forgets (I always forget things!) which will be sanitised but it is preferable to bring your own.

12. If you feel ill after attending a class, or if you test positive for Covid-19 after attending one of the classes, then you must contact me ASAP so that I can contact everyone who has also attended the class. This is why it is important that I have your up to date contact details.

13. Wherever possible windows and doors will be left open to allow for proper ventilation. This helps to prevent the spread of Covid-19. As we are coming into Autumn, and the temperature is likely to start dropping, please wear lots of layers to class so that you aren’t too cold but you can remove them as we warm up. I know this doesn’t sound ideal but it is in the guidelines, and if we want to be able to meet in person then we have to be strict about following the rules.

I know there seems to be a lot of rules but they are all there for our safety. We just need to remember that nothing is more important than your health!